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African Pioneer Group

Investment Structures

Through our investment companies, we operate in fuel retail; transformation and electricity distribution; manufacturing of consumer food and soft beverages; tourism, hospitality and gaming as well as the fishing industry including culturing, processing, preserving, storing, transporting, marketing and selling fish or fish products.

African Pioneer Foods

Coca Cola
Woodlands Dairy
Thudana Citrus

African Pioneer Marine

Pioneer Fishing
Eyethu Fishing

African Pioneer Gaming

Pioneer Slots
Pioneer Bingo
Sun Boardwalk
Queens Casino
Betting World EC

African Pioneer Energy

Caltex Eastern Cape Marketer
Kouga Wind
3 Energy
Hydro Power

Passive & Operating Invesments

Passive investments: These are investments in businesses, such as Coca-Cola South Africa and Woodlands Dairy, which have:

  • Strong capital base and market position.
  • Reliable and capable management.
  • Profitability and excellent returns.
    The company must have a strong and capable management team with a clearlydefined vision for its future.

    Operating investments: These are investments with substantial operating activities where the Group employs its own knowledge and expertise to set the “trend”. In this the Group ensures a hands-on control of the investments. In the Food & Beverages sector, companies like Pioneer Fishing (PTY) Limited have the ongoing support of the Group’s CEO. This ensures supervision at the highest level with close monitoring of the management, resulting in calculated viable investments.
    Two of the Group’s identified investments are in the Gaming and Energy sectors. They have focused their resources on the development of these two diverse projects. This falls in-line with the diversified risk portfolio strategy employed by the Group and also takes advantage of the current global trends and the demands in these market sectors.
    In the Gaming & Leisure sector, Pioneer Slots is proof of a successful start-up business. As a LPM Route Operator, in the Eastern Cape region, the company has broken industry records for the speed of its roll-out program and support service during the first 2 years of operation. The establishment of, TEWA Power sees the renewable energy sector with its first black owned company in South Africa. TEWA Power is totally energy focused – with the strategic, technical and financial experience that has successfully developed, owned and operated power renewable energy projects.

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