As a member of the African Pioneer Group, Pioneer Slots strives to be the leader in the Limited Payout Machine arena in the Eastern Cape, continually promoting and practising responsible gambling. Job creation is critical in the Eastern Cape and represents one of the key reasons that Pioneer Slots believes it important that a local gaming competence be created as a result of this route opportunity. Pioneer Slots will have a permanent staff complement of 36 full-time employees, of which 78% are defined as belonging to PDI groupings and further to this, at least 70% of the management posts shall be occupied by PDI’s. This also represents a very small part of the total job creating potential that will occur as the route is rolled out in the province.

Pioneer Slots was granted a route operator licence to install 1,000 Limited Payout Machines (LPMs) in the Eastern Cape by the Eastern Cape Gaming & Betting Board (ECGBB) in October 2012. These LPMs are installed in places having a liquor licence such as restaurants, bars, clubs and pubs throughout the Eastern Cape that meet the criteria of being a site operator as specified by the ECGBB. Patrons can enjoy these gaming machines which have a maximum payout of R500.