Tewa Power


TEWA Power, previously Africoast Engineers, was the developer of the first REI4P Wind Farm to be connected to the national grid.

TEWA Power brings together the experience of Africoast Engineers and the hands-on involvement of the African Pioneer Group. This makes TEWA Power the first black-owned energy company in South Africa with the strategic, technical and financial experience to successfully develop, own and operate power and renewable energy projects. TEWA Power has a proven 10 year track record in delivering attractive investment returns for our partners. During this time, the company utilised a conservative self-funded business model to create a renewable energy business valued at over R100 million, excluding the 2000 MW development pipeline.

TEWA are proud to be the pioneers of renewable energy in South Africa, harnessing wind, solar, biomass and hydro power. Our experience in developing, funding, constructing and operating energy projects has led to an in-depth understanding of the equity, debt, community and regulatory stakeholders. TEWA Power believes that finding market solutions to address the energy supply shortage in sub-Saharan Africa is the key to the job creation and economic growth in the region.

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