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African Pioneer Group

Through our subsidiaries, we engage in retail, distribution, and logistics businesses. We as the African Pioneer Group produce a range of fish products for local and export markets; cream milk, low fat milk, skim milk, custard, dairy cream, butter, and cheese; Coca-Cola beverages; and carbonated apple drinks. We also supply limited payout machines in the Eastern Cape South Africa through Poneer Slots; and also engage in horse racing, sports, and lucky number betting operations in the Eastern Cape; and also operate a casino hotel; develop, own, and operate power and renewable energy projects; supply fuel and lubricants; and provide various accommodation and conference services in the Eastern and Western Cape.

  • We seek to promote, develop, and unite entrepreneurship through joint business ventures

  • We seek to provide mentoring, teaching, and creating opportunities for our members and the wider community.

  • We seek to utilise our resources and market position to advance the cause of a better quality of life for all people through economic advancement and empowerment.

History - Where we come from 

Our Group through ages

Founded 1990

The African Pioneer Group (APG) was founded in 1990, as a black-owned business and it has grown exceptionally over the last 25 years. 

The Group’s innovative strategies are based on operational excellence, cost-reduction, capital stewardship, and profitable growth. It further exercises this proven strategy, based on the Group’s vision, performance, people and values. It all started more than two decades ago when the pioneering team took a calculated risk back in 1990 and formed their first company, the Uitenhage Investment Company. Within two years the company’s membership soared to an incredible 600 shareholders comprising of individuals, shops and taxi owners.  

The Group’s investment portfolio increased as a result of investment acquisitions in the food & beverage industry, including Pioneer Fishing, Coca Cola Fortune and Woodlands Dairy.

2013 & 2014

In 2013, the company was awarded an LPM Route Operator License and in 2014 a Bookmakers License, both for the Eastern Cape.


The Group is now recognized as one of the largest and most successful unlisted Black Economic Empowerment Investment Companies in South Africa, actively managing assets of over R4 billion. 
The Group is still 100% black-owned and is headed up by its founder, Stephen Dondolo, in his capacity as Chief Executive Officer. He has successfully built the investment portfolio to include the following sectors; Food and Beverages, Leisure and Entertainment and Renewable Energy sectors.  Commitment to the Economic Empowerment Employment Equity Laws of South Africa is of paramount importance to the Group. 

The Group has through its policy of pragmatic and progressive business management expanded considerably and in doing so grew its shareholder base and strengthened its organizational infrastructure. 
There are almost a hundred individual shareholders involved with the Group, who are predominantly from the black communities of the Eastern Cape. 

The unique entrepreneurial spirit and strong business ethics embodied by The Group has ensured that its Corporate Social Investment Program has grown exponentially throughout the townships, focusing on previously disadvantaged communities and individuals in the Eastern Cape.
Our vision

African Pioneer Group Seeks to be a strong and profitable investment company ranked above the best investment companies in Southern Africa.

Our Mission

African Pioneer Group seeks to promote, develop and unite entrepreneurship through joint ventures; mentoring, teaching, and creating opportunities for its members and the wider community anywhere in South Africa; utilise its resources and market position to advance the cause of a better quality of life for all people through economic advancement and empowerment.

Level 1 BEE

African Pioneer Group brings the benefit of a level 1 BBBEE certification and board representation to all its major investments. It has 100% effective black ownership through major its major shareholder Dondolo Capital (Pty) Ltd, the Ditikeni Trust (NGO) and number of individual shareholders.

A progressive force within the economy. Growth through a policy of pragmatic and progressive business management.

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"Pioneering for the future"
Our Talented Team members
African Pioneer Group has a diverse leadership team of qualified, dedicated and especialy passionate individuals. Each of these individuals on the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors and our Shareholders is passionate about transformation, working towards our philosophy, where we seek to be a progressive force within the economy. Pioneering for growth through a policy of pragmatic and progressive business management.”