The Pioneer Fishing Group is a trawler and factory owner producing a wide range of fish products for local and export markets. The Group has its own infrastructure in terms of a fishing fleet, processing factories, engineering services, marketing and distribution.

APG entered the fishing industry through a joint venture with Suiderland Development Corporation Limited. A new company, Pioneer Fishing (Pty) Ltd. was formed to acquire from Suiderland their fishing interests in South Africa. These interests represent an annual turnover in excess of R500 million. One of the largest fishing companies in South Africa, Pioneer Fishing exports fish to markets as far away as Europe and the Americas. It has wide processing plants in both Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. APG now owns a 40% equity holding in Pioneer Fishing. It can be safely said that African Pioneer (Pty) Limited has contributed a great deal to the significant progress made by this company. The group operates modern E.U. and HACCP approved factories at Port Elizabeth on the East Coast and St. Helena Bay on the West Coast.